Monday, March 7, 2011

Grampy's Homemade Turkey Soup

When we were little and visiting our grandparents we loved this soup and left their home with ice cream buckets full of it; there were 4 of us and it never lasted very long, we all loved it so much! Luckily my grandfather made a lot and froze it; so there always seemed to be lots to go around. ;)

My mom then started making it; but, since she spends the wintertime in Florida, I ventured this year and made it myself. It was incredibly easy and now that I know it’s so easy – I will definitely be making it more often for sure! Plus, it freezes well, so you can always take some out at a later date when you are looking for some comfort food on a cool night. It’s a fantastic hearty soup – delish!


Broth from cooking Turkey (some but not too much fat in the broth)

Chicken Bouillon

Salt and Pepper







(It doesn’t take many vegetables – a little goes a long way!)


Grind or grate your veggies; I used a small food processor and it worked perfectly; but if you don’t have one you can grate them – a longer process but works. Then add these to your stock, as well as, Bovril or Watkin’s chicken bouillon and lots and lots of salt and some pepper.

You want to add your meat close to the end, if you add it too soon, then it will disintegrate and become mushy. It takes a long time for a good sized soup to cook. Use your judgment but a couple hours or more is perfect.


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