Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Campfire Brie

Tis the season for BBQ and campfires! We took a small trip this past weekend camping and before going I googled many a campfire recipe. We usually make s’mores, but I was looking to try something new. I actually found a handful of new recipes to try - all were really good too - here is one of them! :)

What you will need:

1 wheel of Camembert or Brie
¾ cup of maple syrup
¼ cup walnut or pecan halves
1 loaf of crusty bread – we used Foccacia


1. Set the wheel of cheese in the middle of a good size sheet of tinfoil;
2. Poke holes or cut slits in the cheese – so that some of the maple syrup can soak in while it cooks – Pour only ¼ of the syrup onto the cheese along with ½ of your nuts;
3. Wrap it up tightly and place on the coals in your campfire;
4. Cut your bread while you wait;
5. After 5-10 minutes – depending on the heat of your fire; and the size of your cheese wheel – remove the cheese from the fire and add the remaining maple syrup and nuts – dip your bread and enjoy!

So good – and what a fantastic treat while camping!

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