Monday, July 27, 2009

Sticky and Sweet BBQ Shish Kabobs

We tested out a new BBQ sauce, Bulls Eye – Sticky and Sweet; and it was soooo good!

MS learned about a new trick via the net; to place the slice of onion next to the steak; then as it marinates and cooks the flavor cooks into the steak – no idea whether or not it did work that way; but when you take the bite of steak with the onion..mouth watering! I also loved that we used orange and yellow peppers – they are really sweet and almost tasted like pineapple when you ate it with the chicken.


Chicken and steak (can work with your meat of choice; or vegetarian style as well – add some zucchini and mushrooms)
Red, green, orange and yellow peppers cut into square chunks
Red onion - cut into square chunks


Alternate the veggies with the meat choices on the skewers; place in a ziplock or Tupperware container to sit while marinating – 4 hours minimum;
To marinate we used the BBQ sauce noted above; some pepper and Montreal Steak Spice.

BBQ – approx 30 minutes and enjoy!

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