Thursday, June 3, 2010

Banana Boat Tortillas

Usually when we go camping our standard snack is, of course, S’MORES! But, this time I was looking for something a little different, so I googled campfire recipes and I came across this delectable treat. I even read reviews where people stated their children liked these better than S’mores – and after trying them, I can see why – although S’mores are still a favourite!

So long as your children like Bananas, Chocolate and Marshmellows – they will love this! The chocolate was my favourite part; and MS loved the banana.


Large Tortillas
Chocolate bar


Place a tortilla flat and add slices of banana, pieces of marshmellow (1 marshmellow into two pieces works well), and squares of your chocolate bar along the center of your tortilla – fold like a fajita so the chocolate doesn’t run out the bottom after it is heated. Place this tightly in a foil packet – heat over your campfire for 5 mins; then unwrap to eat and enjoy! :)

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